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Roman Archeological sites around Mompeo
how to get there:
  • Leave the Roma - Firenze motorway at the exit "Fiano Romano"
  • Take the road to Passo Corese and then the 313 until the crossroad for Montopoli.
  • From there follow the road signs for Mompeo.
Tower monument in the locality of "Madonna del Mattone"
These archeological sites are situated in the district of Mompeo. To find out more about this district, see the page for Mompeo.

Tower funeral monuments: The groups of Roman funeral monuments around Mompeo have been described in a study published in the "Bollettino della Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici dell'Etruria e del Lazio", by Dr. A. M. Reggiani, as important both for their size and their state of conservation.
They constitute an excellent example of tower monuments which are common in the rest of the Sabina. Like the funeral monuments around Santa Maria in Vescovio, the monuments of Mompeo follow the course of a road, which presumably connected the Roman villas of the area with the consular road, the Salaria. This is idea is supported by the presence of a milestone from the time of Augustus, (15-16 BC.) found in 1956 in the "Campo" locality, close to some of the monuments, and marking the 35th mile from Rome.

Construction Materials:
These are mostly white limestone and sometimes flint. Stone which probably came from the quarry at Castelnuovo di Farfa was used for the facing.

The Roman monuments of Mompeo can be divided into several sites: the monument in the locality of "Madonna del Mattone" , the site near the middle school, the monuments in the locality of "Palombara" and in the locality of "Chiusa"

"Madonna del Mattone": Close to the crossroads of the main road to Rieti and the road that turns off to Mompeo, this site is considered important for the understanding of the tower monuments of the Sabina. The tower is 7.90 metres high and unfaced. Large stone blocks protrude from the upper part marking nine floors. The monument was originally faced with local limestone.

Site at the ex middle school: Not far from the last site, in the open area behind the former middle school, are the remains of large concrete building, 1.50 metres high. It was discovered by chance in 1971 during work to level out the area around the school.

Funerary Urns: During the excavations near the school two marble funerary urns, oval in shape, with handles on each side and conical lids, were found. The urns are undecorated. Burnt human bones and plaster casts representing heads were found inside. Like the milestone, the urns probably belong to the Augustan era, and are rare examples in the Sabina area of urns from a funerary monument.

Monument in the "Palombara" locality: About 200 metres along the Mompeo road from the last site are two more monuments, one on the right and one on the left of the road. The first is about 8 metres high and is cylinder shaped. At the base is a doorway leading into a rectangular room with vaulted ceiling. The monument has been partially incorporated into an old farmhouse.

Monument in the "La Chiusa" locality: On the other side of the road but not precisely aligned with the previous monument is another. This monument is 6 metres high, composed of a base and a cube shaped upper part. This monument is less well made than the others, with larger stones and less compact mortar.



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